The 1.1 Update!


The 1.1 update is now finished! In this update, we have:

  • Redone the main menu
  • You can now use the keyboard to navigate all menus
  • Added Options, which allows the general and music volume to be manipulated
  • Added Labyrinth, which randomizes the Minotaur given the Minotaur options that you give it
  • Removed Game Modes; instead, you select your Minotaur within the Play Game option
  • Added descriptions to all of the Minotaur options
  • Added the "Maps" Minotaur setting with 7 new maps!
  • Updated Help, so that instead of being a confusing graphic, it is a few confusing paragraphs
  • Added "v1.1.0" at the bottom of the main menu
  • Added maroon walls outside of maze
  • Made the window resizable

I hope you enjoy these new features and updates to old features!


Minotaur (v1.1.0) 3 MB
May 01, 2021

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